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there will be a Political action committee meeting in Calgary on Monday May 29th at 7pm, and Edmonton on May 30th at 7pm.

Time to get out your cameras and show the world what you do every day. The 2017 IBEW Photo Contest is open and all members are encouraged to enter.

Due to scheduling conflicts we apologize we are unable to provide busing from Fort Macmurray to the rally on sunday. We do encourage members to carpool to the rally on sunday @ 1:30pm

There will be a PAC meeting in Calgary Today at 7pm

Please fill out the survey on changes that you would like to see made to the employment standards code. 


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Double Breasting should be a concern to all Albertans

The next political action committee meeting is in the

Calgary Hall on Feb. 27th at 7pm 

Building Trades of Alberta Night, Battle of Alberta Calgary Hitmen vs. Edmonton Oil Kings Friday, February 17, 2017 at 7pm. Come to the Calgary union hall for your FREE TICKETS. 

There will be a Political action committee meeting in Calgary on January 23rd at 7pm and a Political action committee meeting in Edmonton on January 17th at 7pm.

There will be a very important vote held, at all of the January Unit Meetings. The vote is in concerns to the pending purchase of addition property. Please visit the member’s section (Click Here) of the Local 424 homepage to review the proposed motion.

The January meetings are as follows:

There will be three specially called meetings to discuss the anticipated changes in the industrial construction sector. These proposed changes may include overtime, wages and working conditions.


Jan, 03 2017        Lethbridge Info Meeting              7:00 p.m.              Tuesday (Lethbridge)

Meeting notice for the Local 424 Building & Benevolent Society of Edmonton:


Local Union 424

Building and Benevolent Society of Edmonton

Held at Centre 424, 4232 93 Street, Edmonton


Calgary P.A.C. Date Dec 19 @ 7:00pm Calgary Hall - Guest Speaker MLA Craig Coolahan

Edmonton P.A.C. Date Dec 14 @ 7:00pm Edmonton Hall