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Effective today, and through an abundance of caution, all IBEW 424 Unit meetings for the remainder of the month of March are cancelled.

We will be re-evaluating weekly, and will make another announcement next week regarding unit meetings and other events in April. We will continue to post updates to our website and social media as needed.

We encourage all union brothers and sisters to take every precaution suggested by the Health Canada to protect yourselves and those around you from coronavirus/COVID 19. More info at:


Hello Brothers and Sisters,


IBEW Local Union 424 is currently taking action to minimize the spread of Coronavirus and we ask for your cooperation in keeping us all as safe as possible.

The LU 424 approach is to follow official advice from Health Canada with an emphasis on ensuring effective hygiene practices. Which are listed here:


Therefore, we ask all visitors to any of the Local Union offices in Edmonton, Calgary, Fort McMurray or any IBEW organized activities or Jobsites to follow the guidance and personal hygiene standards below.

All visitors are strongly encouraged to wash their hands and/ or use hand sanitizer on arriving in the building, or after coughing and sneezing.

Health Canada recommends that the following precautions are taken to reduce the risk of catching and spreading respiratory infections like Coronavirus:

-Avoid direct hand contact with your eyes, nose and mouth.

-Maintain good hand hygiene – wash hands with soap and water or alcohol hand sanitizer before sanitizer before eating and drinking and, after coughing, sneezing, and going to the toilet.

-Avoid direct contact with people who have a respiratory illness and avoid using their personal items, such as their mobile phone.

-Cover your nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing with disposable tissues and dispose of them in the nearest waste bin after use.

If you are feeling unwell, have a temperature, a cough or shortness of breath, we would politely ask you to stay away from our offices or facilitated activities until you are better. Our services are available by phone or the internet if needed.

Thank you for your patience and understanding regarding this matter.


Michael Reinhart

Business Manager/ Financial Secretary

IBEW Local Union 424


This page is a service for our Membership, and we do our best to keep this information current. 

Anyone Wanting to Bid on a Job Must Register Between 8:00am and 9:30am by Phone or in Person at any IBEW424 office.

Please Make Sure to Read The Important Jobline Notes in the Right Hand Column Before Registering for any of the Following Positions

Any Member Working for, or Looking for Work with a Non-Union Contractor Must Immediately Contact his/her Local Union Organizer.

Failure to Register and Report Information on your Non-Union Employment will Jeopardize your Position on the Unemployment List and your Membership in L.U. 424.

Members on temporary layoff with a signatory contractor that accept Non-Union employment are severing employment relations with that signatory contractor and will not receive a job entry.



Any member who quits a job covered by an IBEW Local 424 agreement must sign the out of work list and will not be dispatched for seven (7) calendar days.       

No Member that has been laid off will be permitted to bid on posted jobs the same day they sign the Out of Work list. All members must wait until the following day to bid on any available work.


Members enrolled in the RSAP program that have not worked on a participating RSAP site for six months or more, are automatically withdrawn from the program. If you wish to reinstate your RSAP status you will be required to do another D&A test. To book a test call Homewood Health at 

780 493 0725

IBEW Local Union 424

In an effort to ensure we are supplying qualified members for the work to be performed, and to try to regain lost market share, we are implementing the following effective October 22, 2019.

All members shall submit copies of their valid training certificates and credentials, or documented experience to the training center, to be entered into our dispatch system.

Any member bidding on a maintenance call shall meet the core training safety provisions with respect to the work ready workforce language in the GPMA and NMA. This shall include valid trade credentials, CSTS, OSSA AWP, and OSSA Fall Pro, as agreed to in the provincial construction collective agreement. This list is subject to change, if requirements under the construction agreement are amended.

All other training will be listed as preferred. All skills based training requirements will be required prior to bidding on the call, and submitted to the union for verification. All required safety training will be required prior to mobilization, and will not delay the start date.  Any member obtaining clearance to work on a site, by misrepresenting their qualifications and experience, may be required to sign the bottom of the out of work list.

2019 Tax Receipts have been mailed, please call the Hall if your address has changed or you would like to confirm your mailing address.



Jobline for Tuesday, March 31st, 2020