Journeyman Electrician

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Positions Filled: 
Transfield Asset Management Services
Suncor Maintenance (Fire Bag)
Job Description: 

Day shift, Start January 4th, 2 Week plus, 14/14, 12hr shifts, 14C shift, Report after callout, Orientation to be confirmed, Working under the GPMA, No beards, Flights provided from Edmonton & Calgary only, No personal vehicles allowed on site, Ft. McMurray residents must fly to site from Edmonton or Calgary, Camp provided, Residents must also stay in camp, CWW Blended rate.

Pre-Requisites / Conditions: 
Pre-Access D&A Required (RSAP Site), CSTS, Heavy Lifting, Bending, Climbing, Pulling, Working at Heights, Termination & Tray Experience Required, Must Have Completed Suncor On Line Orientation Prior to Arriving at Site, Must Have OSSA Regional or BSO Prior to Arriving to Site, Must Have Valid OSSA AWP & Fall Arrest Tickets, Valid Drivers License. H2S Alive Required (Will be reimbursed if you do not have it already).
Open/Close Date: 
Thu, 12/07/2017 - Sun, 12/31/2017
Job #: 
High Number: 
1-FT.RES-112712, 5-107396