4th Yr App. Elec.

If None: 
Will Take 3rd yr App. Elec.
Total Number of Positions: 
Positions Filled: 
Bayzik Oilsand Services
Syncrude Maintenance
Job Description: 

Day shift, Start October 16, 1 Week plus, 4/10's, Report after callout, Orientation to be confirmed, Working under the NMA, Own transportation, No beards, No camp or Loa, Residents only, Maintenance rate.

Pre-Requisites / Conditions: 
Pre-Access D&A Required (RSAP Site), CSTS, Heavy Lifting, Bending, Climbing, Pulling, Working at Heights, Must Have OSSA Regional or BSO Prior to Arriving to Site, Must Have Valid OSSA AWP & Fall Arrest Tickets, Must Have Valid H2S Alive & Arc Flash Training Tickets, Must Have Valid Drivers License.
Open/Close Date: 
Mon, 10/15/2018 - Wed, 10/31/2018
Job #: 
High Number: 
Ft. Res-22048, 1-4th-21489