Journeyman Electrician

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Transfield Asset Management Services
Suncor Firebag Maintenance
Job Description: 

Day shift, Start August 20, 2 Week plus, 14/14, 12 hr Shifts, 14B Shift, Report after callout, Orientation to be confirmed, Working under the GPMA, No beards, Flights provided from Edmonton & Calgary only, No personal vehicles allowed on site, Ft. McMurray residents must fly to site from Edmonton or Calgary, Camp provided, Residents must also stay in camp, CWW rate.

Pre-Requisites / Conditions: 
Pre-Access D&A Required, (Participating RSAP Site), CSTS, Heavy Lifting, Bending, Pulling, Climbing, Working at Heights, Must Have CSO (OSSA Regional or BSO will be Accepted) Prior to Arriving to Site, Must Have completed Suncor Online Orientation prior to arriving at site, Must Have Valid ESC Fall Arrest Ticket (OSSA Fall Arrest will be Accepted Until Expiry Date) Valid OSSA AWP Ticket. Arc Flash Training, Reading Single Lines, Schematic, Wiring Diagrams & P&ID, Energizing & Isolating Breakers, Installing/Removing MCC Buckets on Live Bus, Racking in & Out Breakers PDC, Completing Bus transfers on a Live, Troubleshooting Electrical Systems/Motor Control/VFD's, DCS Experience, Communication Systems (Serial, Ethernet,Device NEt, Profibus), Computers & SAP CMMS System, Experience Running Plant Maintenance.
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Tue, 08/04/2020 - Mon, 08/31/2020
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