Courses Offered at EITCA

Please ensure you meet the eligibility requirements before registering by contacting EITCA.

Here is a list of the courses offered at EITCA for eligible 424 members. Click the link to filter the calendar to see just the course you are looking for, once in the calenda, to see all courses click the red clear button.   

Full Course Calendar All Courses  
Blue Print Reading Register  
Conduit Bending Register  
CSTS & ESTS (online Arc Flash)  Instructions  
Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Register  
First Aid Register  
H2S Awareness Contact EITCA  
Heat Trace Controllers Register  
Heat Trace Introduction Register  
Heat Trace Installation Register  
Heat Trace Splicing Register  
High Voltage Termination Register  
Introduction to MCC's (Motor Control Centres) Register  
Motor Controls Register  
Overhead Cranes Register  
Programmable Controllers L1 Register  
Programmable Controllers L2 Register  
Protection Skills Register  
QA/QC Field Inspection Register  
QC Management Register  
Red Seal Preparation Register  
Solar Panel Introduction Register  
Solar Panel Installation Register  
Substation Construction Register  
Drawings and Controls Register  
Multilin Relays Register  
Switchgear Register  
Variable Frequency Drives L1 Register  
Variable Frequency Drives L2 Register  
WorkFace Planning Contact EITCA  

The following courses are offered outside of EITCA, click the links for details. 

Better Supervision Description  
Code Upgrading Description  
Confined Space Description  
OSSA Elevated Work Platform Description  
Equipment Operator Description  
OSSA Fall Protection Description  
Fibre Optics Description  
Fire Alarm Description  
Fire Watch Description  
H2S Alive Description  
Leadership for Safety Excellence Description  
IRATA Certification - Initial Level 1 Description