How to Join

There are three ways to join IBEW Local 424:

  1. Contact one of the IBEW 424 membership development team to meet with you to discuss making your place of employment signatory to our contract. This option allows you to stay working where you are, with the same people, and the same owner, under the terms and conditions of our collective agreement.  The advantage to this is that it adds another contractor to our growing list. This allows more employment opportunities for all our members and increases our bargaining strength as a result. While the Alberta Labour Board has made this more difficult than it needs to be, it is still a fairly simple process.

    40% of the employees sign a Labour Board approved obligation card.

    The Labour Board confirms this number with the employer — no names are released to the employer by the Labour Board.

    If there are no objections the secret ballot vote which is supervised by the Labour Board is usually held within two weeks.

    If 50% plus one vote in favor of the union-you begin work under our collective agreement the next day.

    To meet with someone from membership development in person attend one of our open houses listed below. To have someone contact you send us an e-mail message at

  2. The other choice for where you are currently working is to have the owner of the company sign what is called a voluntary recognition. Basically he agrees that the best thing for his employees is to work under the terms and conditions of our collective agreement. You may think this is unlikely however over 50% of our contractors come from this very method.
  3. Remember, IBEW Local 424 wants you to be employed under our collective agreement-we will work with and help our contractors as much as possible to ensure their profitability and longevity in the industry. If you believe your contractor may be open t a visit or a call from our membership development team please forward the company contact information to us via e-mail at or visit an open house and let us know
  4. The third choice would be for you to join as an individual member — paying your dues until a job becomes available while you are unemployed or if you are working for a non signatory contractor, help us with organizing. The process to joining as an individual is simple:
  • Attend one of our open houses
  • Bring your Alberta Apprenticeship Blue Book or Journeyman ticket
  • Bring your drivers license or government issued photo ID, your Alberta Healthcare Card 

If you are from outside Alberta or a member of another IBEW Local you should contact one of the membership development team prior to coming to Alberta at